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Together we can save the ones in need

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Contact Marie Delaney Tel: 07956 429524
: Hertfordshire, Cheshunt, UK
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We wouldn't dream of letting our dogs off the lead without them wearing a tag with our contact details on, in case they decide to wander off and we can’t find them. We want to get our treasured dogs back safe and sound as soon as possible.
The same should apply to our beautiful horses. We never know when things, completely out of our control could spook our horses and we could be unseated and our horses canter off. Maybe it will never happen but do you want to take the risk that your horse is found but cannot be readily identified. Just imagine the stress for you and your wonderful horse!
Elite Saddle Tags provide the perfect solution for horse and rider.
We have designed 3 uniquely styled brass engraved tags for you to choose from that clip on to the 'D' of your saddle. These tags are stylishly designed and when engraved feature 2 lines of your preferred contact details for free. An additional line of text can be added for a minimum fee.
Our tags are a stylish addition to any sadd
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