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Centre Guardians

Help us so we can do what we do best. Saving horses in need.

What is a RRC Guardian?

A RRC Guardian is an independent member who sympathises with our mission and whom we consider to have the qualities to represent and support our cause through Facebook.  He/she is a volunteer and is chosen by us to represent RRC primarily to support and promote our mission to rescue racehorses in need of a home and care once their working life has come to an end.

A RRC Guardian will work in concert with us to strengthen our image through Facebook and/or any other appropriate medium and assist our cause by raising awareness of the plight of racehorses.

In addition to the above, a RRC Guardian is appointed to look after our members’ interests and to respond to any queries they may have in relation to our work.  A RRC Guardian is authorised to monitor and generally manage the RRC website and to publish articles; articles to be published only with RRC’s prior approval.  Most importantly, by agreeing to take on these duties, a RRC Guardian helps us to carry on with our daily work of looking after the horses in our care.

A RRC Guardian is expected to act in our welfare and to comply with our policies.  If at any time RRC wishes to terminate a Guardian’s position and/or to relieve it of its duties, RRC reserves the right to do so and has full authority to replace such a Guardian.

To become a Guardian for the Racehorse Rescue Centre please contact us Here