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Children from Carlisle Youth Zone Meet the Horses

Carlisle Youth Zone has around 150 members who are divided into three groups according to age and ability. The under twelves visited us on the 16th of June 2018 and thoroughly enjoyed their experience meeting the horses, playing games, drawing and munching on free snacks and drinks. Most of these children have never met a horse and can easily become over excited but as Mark, who is the Arts Coordinator at CYZ, Commented the children became very calm, which was very surprising to see for him and wanted to explore this more.

“Thanks so much for hosting the visit yesterday evening, it was a great success and our members really enjoyed it. You’ve got a great set up. As I hoped the horses had a real wow factor with the kids, making it an experience they’ll remember. I also noticed that being with the animals, even for a short time had a calming effect, especially on some of our members who get agitated easily. This is really interesting and particularly valuable. Of course the horses are the main attraction, but the games worked well too. So it was a great success”.
Best wishes Mark
Carlisle Youth Zone