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Corporate Sponsorship

Together we can help each other

Racehorse Rescue Centre (RRC) develops strategic partnerships with the corporate community that deliver tangible and meaningful benefits on both a business and social level. The RRC provides free accommodation and facilities to employees of companies that sponsor the charity. Employees may join in our projects to help improve their team building skills and moral, giving them a more positive outlook and a sense of achievement when they return to you.


We partner with small and large companies across the world working with each to meet their long-term objectives by maximising exposure with RRC. Partnering with a smaller charity like RRC will allow your company to see first hand the positive impacts for the community and the success of the individuals who directly benefit from your support.
RRC values mutually beneficial, long term sponsorship partnerships with the corporate sector. We maximise return-on-investment for our partners by creating high-profile public relations opportunities that align their brand and products to our global-recognised company and worthy charitable cause.

A commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) offers many positive benefits for your company. CSR enhances employee morale, improves brand awareness, and demonstrates to key stakeholders, your generosity to charity and the community.

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