Welcome to the Racehorse Rescue Centre

How We Can Help You

Providing free facilities using rescued racehorses we can help people in need

If you want to know more on how our Equine Therapy Programmes can help then please Click here 

Work Placement

Need work experience? Are you a college, employment agency, recruitment/probation officer looking for work placements? We need painters, builders, landscapers, IT, marketing, media, admin and lots more. Free onsite accommodation. Interested? Then contact us.  


We know therapy helps using horses. PTSD, ADHD, FAS, Autism, self harming…  we have seen a change within just a week. They are such a large animal to command and they give you confidence to deal with all kinds of situations that life throws at you. Whether your a NHS referral or a cry for help it’s free. Bring your Therapist or come alone and use our facilities to help make new friends and let our rescue horses help you.


Bullying is not just a school problem but a work one too. Why not come along to one of our free sessions that we run at weekends and school holidays. “I want you to know how much we appreciate what your doing with Nichole. She has changed so much. She was bullied at school a bit and didn’t have a lot of confidence. You have changed her look on life totally and me an Brian thank you from the bottom of our hearts”


Want to get out of the house, climbing the walls, need a place where you can come and meet new friends whether it be horses, dogs, chickens or people. The Racehorse Rescue Centre is a small country retreat that connects you with nature and helps you focus 


We will keep you up to date on welfare issues to keep your horse in tiptop condition through our blog


We provide free facilities for veterans  suffering from PTSD and other injuries. Please contact us to see if we can help you

Team Building

We have various programmes that can be compiled to help your business succeed – for example effective training in teamwork, leadership and communication skills, team building, team development, corporate challenges and facilitated events. Contact us for details.

Student Placement

Work placements are available to facilitate educational courses. Please contact us for details

Corporate Events

We have various business programmes whereby we can attend your events/promotions that can assist our cause and benefit your social responsibility agenda. Contact us for details.

Self Harming

we provide free facilities through our weekend club for teenagers to help build their confidence and meet new friends. Please contact for details