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Equine Therapy Programme

Equine Assisted Learning is a new and innovative way for individuals to achieve their personal goals through interaction with horses. Structured programmes will bring together horses and people in a safe, supervised environment designed to develop positive and empowering interactions. Programmes can be taylored for individuals and groups.

Our programmes focus on helping individuals and groups of vulnerable children and adults with social, emotional and mental health issues. When in the company of horses, startling improvements can be observed in children and adults with a variety of challenges including Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), Autistic Spectrum Disorder, antisocial behaviour, lack of confidence, depression, low self worth, ADHD and addictions.

Research has discovered that companion animals can lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate, moderate stressful situations, reduce feelings of loneliness and depression and improve self-esteem

Contemporary clinical research shows that close proximity to horses change human brain wave patterns, suggesting that humans can be transformed in a very positive way when in the presence of horses. Therefore appropriate interaction with horses proves therapeutic to adults and children alike.

Horses can detect small and subtle changes in the atmosphere and environment. They react rapidly to such changes because their survival will depend on the speed of their reactions. To a horse, we are predators – we look, smell and move like predators and often exhibit similar behaviour. Because of this, participants have to learn to control their own body language and become self aware in order to effectively work with the horses. Horses communicate almost entirely by body language which makes them incredibly adept at picking up on the body language of people and mirroring it in their behaviour. There is no riding involved, we concentrate on clients working on the ground, using their body language and energy to engage the horse in therapeutic activities with them.

General outcomes for our participants include: Increased self control and self awareness; Increased confidence; Improved teamwork and leadership skills; Improved time management; Improved focus; Improved communication and problem solving abilities; Raised aspirations; Enhanced knowledge and competence in animal care and management.

Please contact Sarah, at the Racehorse Rescue Centre for more information.

Switcharooney at the Racehorse Rescue Centre

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