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Komatsu Come to the Rescue of Racehorse Rescue Centre

Komatsu Come to the Rescue of Racehorse Rescue Centre

Our charity faced mounting pressure when our JCB 520 – 40 telehandler broke down on the weekend of 13th of May! This machine is the muscle of the equine Centre and it can do the job of over five different machines in one. Anyone who knows about these machines knows how vital they are when you’re on your own and they take on the job of at least five other machines all in one. Without it we would find it near on impossible to run the charity. Its main job is to lift the 500Kg haylage bales and move them inside the stable block to feed the horses, without this machine it would take five volunteers 20 minutes struggling to move them in all kinds of weather to get them into position.

When managers at Komatsu in Longtown heard of our predicament and that we had no reserve funds they did not think twice and sent one of their service engineers, Muz, to the Centre that day. Muz persevered in the rain and found the problem and we ordered a new starter motor from Scott JCB. Muz came back the next day to fit it and also fixed a wire that he noticed needed replacing.  The starter motor cost us £279.94 and Komatsu did the work for for free.

We are so grateful to Komatsu and its staff in Longtown, for giving their time freely and coming to our rescue and fixing this problem for us. We wish to thank them from the bottom of our hearts as we did not have the reserve funds that would have been needed to get our machine back up and running. Thank you to Muz too who prevailed the rain and did a great job!