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Who are we?

Racehorse Rescue Centre (RRC) animal charity is an Approved Retraining Establishment for the care of ‘vulnerable or unwanted’ former racehorses, by the Retraining of Racehorses (ROR) We are dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of retired racehorses to ensure they find a new home after racing.

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How we can help you ...

Racehorse Rescue Centre can help you in many ways, be it rehoming a horse through our on-line service or through our Centre, to free therapy programmes. We are committed to helping the community, charities and organisations fulfil their needs through the free facilities and services we can provide.

So if you’re a college, business, charity, NHS, employment adviser, therapist, probation officer, veteran, racehorse trainer/owner, need work experience, suffering from metal health issues and trauma then contact us to see if we can help. 

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Do you need help to rehome a horse?

Together we can save the ones in need. If you have a home for a horse or pony or are looking to rehome one then come together through our free classified pages where we can help each other.

If you would like help in re-homing your horse just click the link below and place your ad within our classified ads section

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