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Stairway To Heaven Movie

Together we can save the ones in need

Imagine a Stairway to Heaven that leads to an enchanted racetrack where the champions of old come to race, and only a child knows the secret…


My name is Toby Tremlett. I’m making Stairway to Heaven. The film is written by Lois Tiller, and we’ve been working for months to bring the movie to life.

This project is in great hands…

We’ve already started casting in Los Angeles and London. We have wonderful locations here in the UK. We have an award winning camera man, an Oscar winning production designer, and the great Lois Tiller behind the scenes as screenwriter.

Stairway to Heaven is important to people like you and me.  Not just because it will entertain and inspire us. But because Stairway To Heaven contains a powerful message about the humane treatment of horses. Given the intense and inspirational nature of the film, I believe it will help raise public awareness of horse rescue, rehabilitation and adoption organizations. 

You can help by spreading the word and making a donation. There are some great incentives! All the money we receive goes directly to production. With one exception, 5% of the funds raised will go to the Racehorse Rescue Centre, a fabulous charity that rehabilitates and re-homes horses that have left the world of racing.


Toby is an award winning international director.

Based in London,Tremlett is a much sought after director. His credits include award winning short films, hit music videos and over 200 commercials for global giants like Cadillac, L’Oreal, and Coca-Cola. In many ways, Stairway To Heaven is the culmination of his highly successful, eighteen year directorial career.

Incentives to Donate


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