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Welcome to the RRC!

Congratulations [user_display_name]. Thank you for joining the Racehorse Rescue Centre and welcome to our organization!

RRC membership is growing, with members from more than 32 countries worldwide.

The following are among the benefits and resources RRC provides to its members.

Membership Badge and welcome letter: You will receive our membership badge and letter welcoming you as a member to the RRC

Invitation to visit us for a day: You can arrange a members only visit to see the horses and spend the day with us grooming, feeding and learning about  our day to day operations.

Website at www.therrc.org.uk: The members-only portion of the website contains past issues of the newsletter, meeting minutes, committee lists and communications, meeting announcements, news, archived chat room, a searchable directory of members and a great deal of information on activities and the organization. During your first visit to the website, if you do not already have your username and password, you can retrieve them by clicking on “Login”, then “Forgot your password?” and request to have them emailed to you. You can also help us keep your contact information up to date by making any necessary changes in the “My Profile” screen.

RRC newsletter: The newsletter is published electronically, monthly throughout the year. All issues include association news and links to information of interest on the RRC website, including volunteer job listings, upcoming meetings of organizations and minutes of the Executive Board meeting. Spring and summer issues include links to annual fundraising schedules, registration forms and other miscellaneous annual meeting information. The issue published after the annual meeting contains links to minutes from committee meetings. If you have provided an email address, you will receive the newsletter by email. If you do not have email, you will automatically receive a copy via postal mail. Past issues of the newsletter are available on our website at www.therrc.org.uk Nigel Wood, Founder is the newsletter editor admin@therrc.org.uk

Member discounts: There are other links on the members only page that we will add that will lead you to discounts we have negotiated with companies worldwide, that we think you may be interested in. These can be withdrawn at anytime.

RRC Blog: You can be part of an on-line blog where members post questions and have colleagues assist with their expertise. RRC is working on adding specific Blogs and Forums dedicated to specialty. If you have questions or request to add to a Blog or Forum, please contact Nigel Wood, Founder. admin@therrc.org.uk

Again, thank you for your interest and welcome to your membership in the Racehorse Rescue Centre

The work we do here will go on and save many animals. Together we can save the ones in need.

Together we can make a difference.


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