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Ignition and her foal are saved by RRC after Facebook plea

Together we can save the ones in need

Ignition, is now re-homed after building up her trust and condition

Ignition (Iggy), her foal, Prince, and Scrutinize (Tizer) on the day of their rescue after we received the call that the trainer had gone into receivership and each horses future was in the balance. We put a Facebook plea out to raise the funds needed to pay the debt on the horses and the charity made up the shortfall to secure the horses future. The story begins here.


Iggy was in a poor state and very timid while her 7 month old foal was traumatized and in need of love and time to bring him on. Tizer was in better shape and coping better with the situation.

Together we can save the ones in need

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Iggy Prince and Tizer


After being re-trained at the Racehorse Rescue Centre

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Iggy and her new home


Prince at the RRC


Tizer in her new home